I’ve saved thousands of human lives,
plus a few marketing directors.

Your sales aren’t going under for the third time. You’re satisfied with your business just treading water in this

a conceptual thinker who has played a hands-on role in building brands for local, regional and national marketers.

economy. Then a competitor suddenly dives
in with a new product launch, and you’ve got
a Great White circling your business. You

After more than 25 years on the ad agency side as a creative director and on the client side as the go-to- guy for everything, some of my closest friends are sharks.

don’t need a bigger boat. You need a Zumwalt Class Destroyer. The bad news is, only one of those exists. The good news is, I’m available.
An art director, writer, and designer, I’m

My initial objective is to develop a creative strategy, then bring that strategy to life in concepts that will break through the clutter of format advertising that is so prevalent today.

The most brilliant strategy may as well be invisible if nobody notices or remembers the message. Applying memorable concepts based on smart strategy to marketing materials will strengthen a brand, and a strong brand is the best defense against predators. WHAT I’VE DONE I’ve spent most of my career creating print, radio and television campaigns, working at prestigious national ad agencies on Blue Chip accounts, and at local creative shops working with no budget at all. During the last ten years, I’ve played a key role in building a regional brand in the nutritional supplement industry into an emerging international brand.

Actually, I wasn’t making that part up. Before I was pulling brands out of hot water, I was a beach lifeguard for Los Angeles County. For me, Baywatch was a documentary. It was a great way to work my way through the University of California and Art Center College of Design. And it was work. Really. Anyway, my name is John Johnson and I’m not making that up, either.